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Dear Fellow Trader,

 If you are still struggling with forex trading, please read the personal letter closely.

How many times have you seen someone on TV or read about someone in a newspaper who is making a fortune trading Forex and you’ve thought to yourself that:

"I could do that too if I had access to what he has access to, such as expensive trading software or a highly qualified mentor?"

It’s like with those Hollywood celebrities you see on TV talking about how they are in such great shape.

Well, we could be in great shape, too, if we had access to personal trainers and chefs and we had our days free to work out instead of report to some stressful 9 to 5 job.

It’s the same story with most of those wildly successful traders that you see on the Internet.

Most used to work at a major stock brokerage or they happened to meet a trading expert who took them under his wing…

...but how many jobs are available at stock brokerages and how many people are lucky enough to meet a successful trader at Starbucks or the restaurant?

The answer? Not many, not many at all.

So what are the rest of us to do?

Well, today is your lucky day because I’m going to reveal exactly how you can get your hands on the very same trading technology that my team and I used last year to make over $6.2 million trading Forex.

If you’ve ever thought “I could do that too if I just had access to what they have access to” … this is your chance!



Take a look at just a few of our recent trades while understanding that you could be making the exact same trades yourself if you take advantage of what I’m about to reveal:



It’s All Possible – and I’m going to show you how.



My name is Buford Smith and yes I’m like those success story traders you’ve read about. I went to a good college (Boston College) and got a good job at a stock brokerage in New York after graduation.


I excelled at my job and quickly became one of the top traders at the firm.

But it was stressful, high pressure work and when I started trading Forex in my spare time and discovered that I could actually make more money doing that.

I decided to quit my job as a stock broker and go into business for myself.

It wasn’t a hard decision – on the one hand I had the chance to make more money and be my own boss...

... and on the other hand I could make less while getting screamed at by maniacal bosses who cared about nothing other than money.

I opted for the chance to be my own boss and it has no doubt been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Look what I earned last month alone:

And look what I made in just one week this year:

I make these types of trades regularly now:



Through a proprietary software program that takes the trading strategies of the stock brokerage that I worked at and combines them with my own strategies that I developed during both my stock trading career and my time trading Forex.

The end result is a program that spots profitable trades like nothing else ever created and gives you the exact buy and sell signals you need to make maximum profits.

As my trading success has grown and grown, I’ve taken on team members who work with me out of an office in New York City.

We’re a group of guys and girls who like to make trades like this during the day:


And then go out to nightclubs like this at night:

It’s not exactly “The Wolf of Wall Street” but we do like to have fun and we do like to make money. Maybe if you do well enough with what I’m about to offer you could even move to New York and become part of our team!

Would you like to hang out in a no pressure environment with a bunch of like-minded, fun-loving guys and girls who take earning money very seriously but also want to enjoy their time here on Earth?

If so, this may be just the opportunity you’re looking for … or maybe you would just prefer to work from home, be your own boss and make the kind of money that will let you live the lifestyle you want?

That’s a terrific dream as well … and one that you could very well turn into reality with what I’m going to offer.



Simply put, I’m offering you the chance to use the very same trading software system that we are currently using to make over $1 million a month.

We call this system the FX Absolute Wealth and when you plug it into your MT4 trading system it will automatically link you directly to our servers at our office in New York.

That means you’ll get the exact same buy and sell signals that we receive at the exact same times that we receive them.

It’ll be like you are another member of our team – only you won’t have to pay expensive New York City rent or battle bad winter weather to get to our office.



You won’t have to give us a percentage of your profits or pay a monthly fee to use the system.

That’s right pay the low price below and it is yours for good.



Prepare to be shocked … I’m not making this system available to make money. I make my money trading Forex and as Brad Pitt says in “Inglourious Basterds”, “and brother, business is booming.”

Booming so much, in fact, that I don’t need to sell this system for an expensive price.

This is my chance to help people who haven’t caught their big break in life … who didn’t get to go to the right school … or who haven’t stumbled upon a trading savant at the local Burger King.

It’s a good karma move that I know will come back to benefit me in the end.

So here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to sell this system to the next 200 people who order at a price of just $39.

That’s not a misprint – I really mean $39.

That amount, $39, is the exact amount that will cover the costs of making this software system available to you, costs which include running the servers and making program updates, not to mention first-class customer service.



First and foremost, you’ll get the FX Absolute Wealth System – This software system isn’t a robot. You will remain in total control of your trades. The system only delivers to you buy and sell signals. You make the decision whether to make a trade or not.



You’ll also receive:

A free ebook describing our trading philosophy and the specific strategies that we have included in the software program.


A complete explanation of how our trading software works and continues to spot profitable trade after profitable trade with amazing consistency.


Unlimited support from our team.

In other words, you’ll get everything you need to make money trading Forex from home.



Armed with this trading software system you’ll be able to:

Start creating real, long term wealth!

Take the emotion out of trading and remove the stress from previously tough trading decisions!

Trade like a professional financial analyst, who optimally minimizes losses and enhances profitability!

Adjust your trading to ensure that you never lose either a financially or psychologically damaging amount of money!

Use scientific money management principles to maximize your profits and minimize your losses!

Introduce discipline and consistency to your trading efforts!

And much, much more!

And remember, this tool doesn’t cost $3,700 or even $390 … it only costs $39 if you are one of the first 200 to order! For real!



While you could easily make 10 times the amount you’ll be paying for this software on your very first trade … to make this even more of a no-brainer decision, we are going to offer you a full 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase!

Order today... put everything you've read into practice... and... if for the next 60 days, you're not satisfied with your profits...

...If you think this forex system is just not for you... an utter waste of your time...

...If, at all, you're not convinced that this opportunity to boost your forex income isn't everything that I say it is, please DEMAND your money back!

I don't want your money if you're not happy with your purchase.

That’s right, get the system today, try it using either a demo account or real money, and if it doesn’t make money for you, simply send us your account statement within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will send you a full refund of your purchase price, without any hassle whatsoever.

That’s how sure we are that this system will work for you.

Either make amazing profits or get your purchase price back … I don’t think I could be any fairer than that.

And don’t forget, with you order you will also receive:


The free ebook.
The free explanation.
And the free support.



You get specific, easy to find indicators that show you when to buy and when to sell!

You only need to “work” for an hour or two a day at most!

You can get started with as low as a $100 investment!

Since Forex is a global market you can “work” whenever it is convenient for you, including at night or in the morning before your job!

You can make as much or as little as you need

"if you want to earn extra income to pay off your debt, no problem, or if you want to make enough to quit your day job you can do that, too!"

There are no “hidden charges”!

It’s not a robot, you make all the trading decisions!

Plus, this software works with any type of market and any currency pairs!

FX Absolute Wealth gives you everything you need to make big money trading Forex from home. You could easily make 10, 50 even 100 times the purchase price on your very first trade!

And don't just take my word for it! Take a look at what my early customers have to say about FX Absolute Wealth:


Marlene: "Dear Buford, I thought I had to write you a note regarding your FX trading system, FX Absolute Wealth, not that I was going to grouch about anything, but I felt like I must thank you for the tremendous joy your software brought me time after time. Just so you know, I'm very close to retirement, and now working part-time for a local grocery store.

I have saved a reasonable amount for my retirement, but always wanted to find a way to make extra cash to infuse a bit of luxury into my retirement life. My son, who works in the city for some investment company, brought back your software a little while ago and talked me into giving it a try. Initially I was skeptical as well as hesitant upon joining in something I had not known much about. Yet, after a few days I already got this feeling that your trading software was an irreplaceable income source in my retirement plan. To be honest, it doesn't generate tremendous amounts of trading profits in everyday trading that I suppose only pro traders can achieve; yet it earns me a very dependable amount of money day in day out for the whole time. I consider this is good enough for such an FX novice like me, and even more than enough, if it keeps filling my pocket everyday like this, for the comfortable retirement life that I've been dreaming of. Thank you again for your excellent product and service, Buford!"


Jack P: "Hi, just so you know, I'm just a freshman college kid, but I reckon your software has given me a strong head start on the career path I have chosen. You might be wondering why I'm not staying in class learning but hanging around on the Internet looking for a way to make FX money.

I have a huge passion for FX trading, and have been a maniac about the financial market since the time I can't remember. Besides, being able to earn a steady income while I'm in college would help a lot with my finance, especially because I'm a small-town kid who has to leave home and family behind to come to the big city for my education and my big dreams in life. Really, your FX trading system is like one of those illuminati that points out the way to where my dreams are. I have learned a great deal, and have been in awe at the expertise in your software. I consider though the bags of profits I've got everyday from trading with your system a rewarding bonus. I have not become a millionaire yet, but this steady stream of income, thanks to you, Buford, will surely help me get through my college years, and then carry me on to the top of my chosen career. Can't thank you enough!"


Rob: "Hi Buford, I don't normally do this because I don't normally have time owing to my hectic work schedule; I'm a tradesman, who works for myself and does a lot of contracts, so even works at weekend a lot. My daughter coaxed me into investing an amount in your trading system a while back; and I did that just to make her happy without thinking much or hoping for anything of substance in return.

Yet after more than a fortnight, I can absolutely say that a substantial component of my everyday income, or should I say the everyday income of my family (with 2 dependent teenagers), now comes from your trading system. It really takes some burden off my shoulder, Buford, considering the fact that I have spent little time, if at all, running your trading software (I delegated this task to my eldest daughter, who is at college at the moment, but I greatly doubt her FX trading talent, hehe, or should I have more confidence in her.) Either way, you're the man, Buford, I cannot thank you enough!"


Jessica: "They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I thought it would just be appropriate to take a snapshot of my most recent trading account statement and send it in. I'm more than happy for you to use it for testimonials Buford. I'm still waiting to become a millionaire, but now let the shown results speak for themselves, and for your trading software! And let me say no more, other than a huge thank-you to you, Buford!"


If you're still in doubt, please check out FX Absolute Wealth for yourself, risk-free for the next 60 days!

You may not earn a million bucks in a flash like I and my pro team have done, but as you can see, my FX Absolute Wealth is demonstrated to earn you constant substantial streams of income NON-STOP!

Also keep in mind that my special promotional offer is only available to the first 200 who order. We will pull this offer off when the target is reached, periods! It's because we don't want to dilute the quality of our customer service with big sales numbers.

Receive this software system for just $39 before it is too late!

You are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If this system isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify us within 60 days and we will refund your money immediately.



You’ve seen the proof … now you have to decide what you’re going to do.

Are you going to keep dreaming about success? Are you going to keep sitting at home, reading another success story and thinking I could do that too if I only had access to what he had …


Or are you going to take action and get your hands on the very same software that has been proven to generate millions in profits each year?

It’s time to take the steps necessary to enjoy real trading success. Don’t let this opportunity pass by and then be forced to sit around hoping that you haven’t made the mistake of a lifetime.

At the very least, you should take me up on my risk-free offer. If it doesn’t work for you, just notify me within 60 days and I’ll refund your $39.

Make the right choice now.



YES, Buford! I'm intrigued at how you can make so much money from your trading system that gives you the FREEDOM you've always wanted.

I want to use the same system you're using to get BIG money from the forex market!

Special Introduction Price at Only $39!

Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

--- Worldwide orders accepted 24/7 ---

Your products will be delivered in downloadable format for instant access immediately after your payment is approved.

I understand that I have 60 days to try this risk-free!

So, with that assurance, I won't hesitate to get my copy of FX Absolute Wealth at the low, low investment of $39 right now! …




  Buford Smith

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